No, I'm not a deer.  But it's a cute pic of FI!

So, here's a bio for our wedding.  At least the start of one.  I had grand plans to try and make a website (because I've always thought it'd be fun to try), but haven't gotten that far.  Maybe someday while I'm unemployed.

We got engaged in Sept 2007.  I'd like to give you some long, puppies and rainbows story about the proposal, but alas we don't have one.  He asked in our basement one afternoon while we were looking at the budget.  After that, we went ring shopping and bought my ring a few weeks later.  I actually picked it up and had to leave it in the box until he got home that day so he could do the actual putting it on my finger.  Very casual, and very sweet.

And now, for the fine print.  I started collecting pics before I knew to note the source and before I came up with a way to do that.  So if I have a pic of your's that I don't credit you for, feel free to email me and ask me nicely or be snarky, whatever makes you happy!  I have tried to link the pics to their orignal source as best I can.  If there isn't a link or a note about who it belongs to, it's probably mine.  Feel free to use my pics, but please give me credit for them and upload to your own photo sharing account.  Thanks!

mochabeans08 @ gmail.com

The General Plan

We were going to have a local wedding.  Halfway into planning that, a number of issues came up, and we made the decision to have a DW.  We decided on Hawaii, because we didn't want our guests (most of whom aren't big travelers) to have to deal with passport issues or currency exchange issues.  We still planned it for Sept 2009, but pushed it back to Sept 2010 when the economy crashed.  We wanted to have more time to save money, and hopefully give the economy time to recover so we wouldn't be burdening our guests extremely.

I'm drawing my inspiration from plumeria flowers and the ocean.  So yellow and blue and white.  I want it to have a casual elegance feel, pretty but not stuffy.